Daily highs of COVID-19 infections have been updated in Greece, Italy and Switzerland

In Greece, 35,580 infected with COVID-19 were recorded over the past day, 72 people died. The total number of cases of the virus in the country exceeded 1.17 million, the deaths — 20 thousand, according to the report of the National Public Health Organization of Greece.

In Italy, the number of cases per day for the first time exceeded 100 thousand — over the past day, 126 888 infected people were identified in the country, 156 people died, Reuters reports with reference to the local Ministry of Health. The number of infected in the country exceeded 5.9 million, and 137 thousand died.

In Switzerland, 19,032 cases of COVID-19 were recorded during the day, 23 people died, the local federal public health office reported on Twitter. The number of infected in the country exceeded 1.3 million, the number of deaths — 12 thousand.

More than half a million people have fallen ill with coronavirus in the United States over the past day. This week, the records for the number of infected were also updated in the UK, Portugal, France. In Russia, the daily morbidity and mortality from coronavirus is decreasing. For the third day in a row, less than 22 thousand infected with COVID-19 have been detected in the country.



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