Russians are not as afraid of coronavirus as protection from it

The main source of anxiety in 2021 is expected to be the coronavirus pandemic and everything related to it: from the appearance of new strains to uncertainty with vacation, the authors of the study state.

But if in 2020 Russians were primarily concerned about the risk of infection with the “crown”, then in the outgoing year, the fear of introducing a QR-code system for admission to public places unconditionally came out on top.

This phobia occupies a leading position in 70 regions at once, and in another 12 subjects it is in the top 3 fears. And only in the most “imperturbable” republics — Dagestan and Ingushetia, as well as in Chukotka, “QR panic” gives way to other worries.

This is followed by vaccination against COVID-19, which is one of the top three fears in 68 regions, and the fear of the virus itself (46 subjects). The conditional rating is closed by anxiety due to the increase in the number of violent crimes and fear of inflation (places in the top 3, respectively, in 36 and 18 regions).

Recall that KROS ranks the phobias of Russians based on the analysis and comparison of topics that are covered in Mass media and are discussed by users of social networks. Experts derive individual and total indices, as well as investigate anxiety in a regional context. If a problem is actively replicated by the media, but does not find a response in social networks, then the authors of the study consider such fear to be “pseudophobia”. For example, the rise to power in Afghanistan of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) it was the number one topic for the media, but left ordinary users indifferent. If the indexes match, then the phobia is considered real.



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