The Foreign Ministry said that the date of negotiations with the United States and NATO had not been fully approved

According to & nbsp; in & nbsp; as dates for & nbsp; meetings are considered only 10 and & nbsp; 12p of next year & nbsp; ; there are no final agreements.

& nbsp; We do not have a final, complete agreement on & nbsp; all aspects, but & nbsp; alternative dates are also & nbsp; not & nbsp; considered & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Ryabkov said.

Earlier AFP with & nbsp; link to & nbsp; The White House reported that & nbsp; Russia and & nbsp; the United States will negotiate & nbsp; arms control and & nbsp; the situation in & nbsp; Ukraine on January 10 & nbsp; and & nbsp; Council meeting Russia & nbsp; & mdash; NATO will be held on January 12 & nbsp;. On January 13 & nbsp; according to the agency, a meeting of representatives of Russia and & nbsp; OSCE will take place. Before & nbsp; Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that & nbsp; the main round of negotiations between Moscow and & nbsp; Washington will take place immediately after the New Year holidays.

Ryabkov pointed out that Russia has officially submitted to the United States proposals on the agenda for the talks, but the American side is talking about “some abstractions.”

“ Now we see links to & nbsp; unnamed representatives of the US administration about & nbsp; that & nbsp; suggest they discuss both & nbsp; Ukraine, and & nbsp; arms control & nbsp;. What & nbsp; is arms control? This is some kind of abstraction & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; explained the deputy minister. He & nbsp; emphasized that & nbsp; to discuss at & nbsp; consultations it is necessary in & nbsp; first of all, Moscow-provided draft treaties with & nbsp; the United States and & nbsp; NATO, & nbsp; colleagues in & nbsp; Washington should proceed from & nbsp; this & raquo ;.

The diplomat added that for Russia it is important that military representatives are involved in security negotiations with NATO.

“ We are going there in an interdepartmental format, our Ministry of Defense will be represented at a very solid level. And & nbsp; it is important for us that the military have a professional conversation & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Ryabkov noted.

In & nbsp; mid-December, Russia handed over to the United States the draft security treaty and & nbsp; agreement on & nbsp; measures to ensure the security of Russia and & nbsp; NATO countries. They imply NATO's refusal to & nbsp; expansion to the & nbsp; east, non-joining the & nbsp; alliance of the countries of the former USSR and & nbsp; a ban on & nbsp; military activities on & nbsp; the territory of Ukraine, and & nbsp; also Washington's return to & nbsp; the principle of refusal to & nbsp; deployment of medium and nbsp; short-range missiles & nbsp; and & nbsp; and & nbsp; nuclear weapons outside the national territory.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said that & nbsp; the United States cannot & nbsp; agree with & nbsp; Russia's proposals on & nbsp; security guarantees that relate to the North Atlantic alliance. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that & nbsp; the alliance is ready for & nbsp; dialogue, but & nbsp; excludes a compromise on & nbsp; the issue of Ukraine joining & nbsp; NATO.



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