Dr. Myasnikov predicted an increase in the incidence of omicron in Russia

“In Europe, it is assumed that the rapid increase in the incidence of omicron will last until mid-January. I assume that then it will start with us…. For some reason, the waves of coronavirus are moving in opposite phase with Europe,” Myasnikov wrote.

He stressed that according to all existing data, omicron “really” flows much easier than the delta strain.

Myasnikov also recalled the need for vaccination against coronavirus.

“Now is the time, Americans remind their citizens. And we are our own!”, – the doctor wrote.

Earlier, Myasnikov said that patients who have had COVID-19 will receive even stronger protection from infection after vaccination.

Myasnikov stressed that protective antibodies begin to be produced in the body only three weeks after receiving the second dose of the vaccine.

He also added that in people who have already had coronavirus, vaccination will give a particularly strong effect, which may be able to resist the omicron strain.



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