The oldest polar bear in Europe has died in the Berlin Zoo

The bear died on December 24 in her enclosure. In the last few years, she suffered from heart disease and was under the supervision of veterinarians. Katyusha was the only polar bear in the Berlin Zoo. She also left no offspring.

“Of course, we have been closely following our oldest bear for the past few years. Thanks to optimal veterinary care and daily medication, Katyusha was able to reach such a venerable age for a polar bear. On her last birthday in November, she even ate a whole fish pie,” said Andreas Knirim, director of the Berlin Zoo.

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Katyusha was considered a long-lived person, since polar bears live no more than 25-30 years in the wild, and their average life expectancy is about 20 years. She was born in 1984 in one of the oldest zoos in the world — in the city of Karlsruhe in southwest Germany in the federal state of Baden-Wurtenburg.

A year later, the little bear was transported to the Berlin Zoo, and for some time she lived in the same enclosure with another polar bear, whose name was Knut. Six years ago, the polar bear was diagnosed with serious health problems, and in this regard, she was prescribed maintenance therapy.

In February 2018, the oldest polar bear in the United States, Coldilox, also died at the Philadelphia Zoo at the age of 37. The animal was diagnosed with several diseases at once, including kidney, liver and spine diseases. Zoologists have decided to euthanize the polar bear, which has been eating poorly lately and has noticeably weakened.



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