Archaeologists have found a large Caligula fort in the Netherlands

Large Roman fort built by Caligula discovered near Amsterdam via @romanhistory1

– Roman History (@romanhistory1) December 27, 2021 Part of the military fortification was partially found several decades ago, but archaeologists did not know its true size and purpose.

New excavations and a detailed study of the data and terrain revealed these secrets.

According to scientists, evidence of Caligula’s personal presence there was found inside the fort — wine barrels with the initials of the ruler were found on the territory, as well as some personal belongings.

Experts believe that this fort served as the northernmost Roman fortification in Europe and was needed by Caligula to prepare for the invasion of Britain, which, however, did not work out — the emperor was killed earlier.

But the fortification was useful to the new ruler. It was from there that Claudius sent troops to Kent in 43 AD, after which Britain became part of the Roman Empire in 3 years.

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