“One dances, the other steals”: the number of crimes is growing in Russia on New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve in Fraudsters have become more active in Russia. Most of them operate in Networks, sending messages to users about “fabulously generous” promotions and sales. Some deceive people live, dressing up in Santa Claus costumes and Snow maiden. In addition, animators often trade apartment thefts. How not to become a victim of criminals during the holidays – in the material of Izvestia.

Discount offer

Before New Year in Fraudsters have become more active in Russia. Many began to receive messages with offers of “fabulously generous” holiday promotions and sales allegedly from well-known brands. The authors lure customers by offering products at an incredibly low price, such as expensive gifts with a 90% discount.

Often such letters are sent by scammers who place links to fake websites of large retail chains in them, experts of the Moshelovka ONF platform, launched by the All-Russian People’s Front to combat fraudsters, warned.

Since mid-December, the organization has received several hundred requests to send messages similar to traditional pre-holiday mailings. However, by clicking on the link, the recipient found himself on a page where it was only possible to pay for the purchase. When trying to go to another section, the site gave him an error, and the link address might not even contain the name of the brand or seller.

The head of the project of the ONF “For the Rights of Borrowers” Evgenia Lazareva urged Russians to be vigilant and, before buying a product with a suspiciously large discount, always clarify the holding of promotions on store websites and by phone hotlines.

The director of the information security Department of Oberon, Evgeny Sukhanov, explained this activity of scammers by an increase in the number of purchases in online stores before the holidays.



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