The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has registered a drug for coronavirus “Mir-19”

“Today we received the registration certificate LP-007720 dated 12/22/2021 for the highly specific antiviral drug MIR 19, the peculiarity of which is that it works at the gene (post—transcriptional) level, namely, selectively suppresses the activity of vital RNA sequences of the virus, while not affecting the human genome,” Veronika Skvortsova, head of the FMBA of Russia, said.

As explained by Musa Khaitov, director of the SSC “Institute of Immunology” of the FMBA of Russia, the main components of the drug are synthetic molecules of small interfering RNAs (miRNAs), which target the pathogen genome inside an infected cell of the body and contribute to its degradation.



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