The top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2021 have been compiled

Mosaic depicting a scene from the Iliad

The son of one of the farmers of central England found in his own field the remains of a rich Roman villa with a unique large mosaic depicting a scene from Homer’s Iliad – the battle of Achilles with Hector.

The villa and the mosaic were found quite by accident: the son of a farmer from Rutland County, Jim Irwin, walking during a lockdown in 2020 in a field that his family had been cultivating for decades, came across unusual potsherds and became interested in them.

Scientists fromĀ One of the mysteries of the Scythian world has been revealed to Russia

New unique finds made this year by Russian archaeologists allow us to move the boundaries of the influence of the “Great Scythia” several hundred kilometers to the north.



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