A designer from Finland drew a giant fox on the ice


— Pasi Widgren (@WidgrenPasi) December 4, 2021

Tekstuurijälkeä. Eri kaltevuuksilla ja suunnilla tulee syvyyttä kuvioon. pic.twitter.com/QobCwBeDQt

— Pasi Widgren (@WidgrenPasi) December 5, 2021

Vidgren posted photos and videos of the process and the finished work on social networks, and said that it took him four hours to create a giant drawing.

He drew the fox back in early December, but everyone started talking about it only now, when the drawing on the lake was photographed by tourists and the photo went viral on social networks.

Widgren started drawing animals in the snow six years ago. His collection already includes a bear, an owl, a capercaillie, a hare and a wolf.

Yläilmoista. pic.twitter.com/B4N5w97Odc

— Pasi Widgren (@WidgrenPasi) December 4, 2021


— Pasi Widgren (@WidgrenPasi) December 4, 2021

Otso tervehtii retkeilijöitä Lapakiston Pitkäjärvellä. @LahdenKaupunki @VisitLahti @OurFinland pic.twitter.com/026u8cAGYb

— Pasi Widgren (@WidgrenPasi) January 6, 2020

The designer hopes that his drawings will benefit people and they will walk more often and breathe fresh air.

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