Russian frigate hit the target with a missile of the latest “Answer” complex in the Sea of ​​Japan

The & nbsp; ministry said that & nbsp; the ship's anti-submarine missile system 'Answer' designed to & nbsp; defeat submarines.

The department noted that universal launchers are used to launch anti-submarine missiles, which also allow the use of cruise missiles “Onyx” and “Caliber”.

Earlier, on November 29, the frigate ” ; Admiral Gorshkov & raquo; performed a new test launch of the Zircon hypersonic missile from the & nbsp; White Sea to & nbsp; range over 400 & nbsp; km. Previous launch of the Zircon rocket Admiral Gorshkov completed 18 & nbsp; November by & nbsp; marine target from & nbsp; White Sea. The target was hit by a direct hit.

“Answer” consists of & nbsp; anti-submarine guided missile, which is fired from & nbsp; universal launchers 3C-14. In the & nbsp; head of the rocket “ Answer '' there is a small-sized homing anti-submarine torpedo. The maximum firing range of a missile complex in & nbsp; option for & nbsp; surface ships & nbsp; & mdash; 40 & nbsp; km.

Modernized Marshal Shaposhnikov received universal launchers ZS-14 for & nbsp; 16 vertical launch missiles. There you can load various combinations of anti-ship and & nbsp; anti-submarine ammunition, and & nbsp; also winged “ Calibers '' for & nbsp; attack ground targets. It is possible to use and & nbsp; promising hypersonic “ Zircons '', which are not & nbsp; intercepted by modern air defense systems.