Matvienko criticized the head of the Ministry of Education for trying to “push” the bill with an error

“The Minister of Education has taken a very strange position. Realizing that & nbsp; was made a mistake & nbsp; & mdash; The Federation Council must act strictly in the & nbsp; legal framework & nbsp; & mdash; instead of taking a constructive position, working together and & nbsp; to fix it, he & nbsp; turned on all his levers & nbsp; & mdash; well, really, the leverage is weak, & nbsp; & mdash; to put pressure on the & nbsp; Federation Council so that we & nbsp; pass the law with & nbsp; error against rejection & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said Matvienko.

The bill was proposed by the Ministry of Education, but the Federation Council decided to reject it due to a technical error that created internal contradictions in the text of the bill.

“ This is generally an abnormal style for & nbsp; a leader of this level. I will & nbsp; inform the government that & nbsp; & nbsp; do not act like this. And & nbsp; I will remind you once again that & nbsp; there are no forces that could & nbsp; force the Federation Council to break the law, to act in & nbsp; illegal field. The efforts made by the minister & nbsp; & mdash; well, I'm just ashamed of & nbsp; his actions & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; summed up Matvienko.

With this, according to & nbsp; the Speaker of the Federation Council, the State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Education of Russia Andrei Korneev is to blame for the appearance of a technical error in the & nbsp; bill.