US activists prevent veterans from attending Pearl Harbor memorial ceremony

US protesters have blocked veterans from accessing a commemorative ceremony in Colombia

a ceremony in Colombia to mark the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. This is reported by The Western Journal.

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Demonstrators blocked access to the National Memorial of Friends of World War II. The veterans got to the commemoration ceremony only at the time of reading out the names of the victims, being late for the beginning.

The Heritage Foundation member Lindsay Fyfield condemned the protesters for blockading the roads and said that she helped the veterans bypass the rally and get to the place of the event. Climate activists have demanded action from the American Congress on a number of issues related to immigration, racial justice and global climate change.

In September, more than 40 environmental activists from the climate group Insulate Britain blocked the main entrance to the port of Dover – the busiest ferry port in Europe, which handles 17 percent of UK trade.



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