The passenger of the plane threw his legs on the adjacent armrest and embarrassed the fellow traveler

A man filmed a companion who threw his bare feet on the adjacent armrest them on the net. This is reported by The Sun with a link to the corresponding thread on Reddit.

The published picture shows how an unknown man threw his bare feet on the adjacent armrest. “Is there an orthopedist on the plane?” – indicated in the signature to the publication.

Netizens condemned the act of the unknown in the comments under the post. “You could call the flight attendants and they would ask the man to put on shoes or to be transferred to another place”, “The flight attendants should have called the damn police” help from flight attendants, “they wrote.

Earlier in September, the unhygienic actions of a passenger on board were caught on video and angered netizens. The footage posted on the web shows an unknown girl sitting by the window and filing nails on her left leg, placed on a chair.



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