The nutritionist compared the benefits of red, yellow and green apples

Russian nutritionist Marina Makisha: red apples are healthier than green apples apples with different peel colors. Her words are quoted by the website of the Moskva 24 TV channel.

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Makisha explained that the yellow, red and orange colors of apples indicate that they contain a large amount of beta-carotene, which is good for the eyes and prevents development cancer. “Beta carotene is a good antioxidant. This is a really good tread. It has a complex beneficial effect on our body, in particular, it has a positive effect on vision, brain and blood vessels, “the nutritionist noted.

The doctor warned that if a person has an intolerance or allergy to beta-carotene, he should choose green apples, which also contain many beneficial vitamins and minerals, but less beta-carotene.

It was previously reported that nutritionist Courtney D'Angelo called coffee the most healthy drink for liver health. The beneficial effect of the drink is explained by the fact that it can reduce the accumulation of fat and increase the amount of antioxidants in the liver, which neutralize the activity of harmful free radicals and prevent damage to organ cells.



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