The Federation Council responded to US statements about Putin's attempts to restore the USSR

Kosachev said that the US accusations about Putin's attempts to restore the USSR are speculation absurd speculations that are intentionally thrown into public space. This is how the vice-speaker of the Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev, answered them, RIA Novosti writes.

He noted that the United States has one task – to make the rival justify itself, while at the same time proving its innocence and innocence. The senator suggested that Russia should not fall for such simple traps, “especially when they are voiced not even by the second, but by third parties.”

Earlier, Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that Washington is afraid of the USSR Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the same time, she once again warned Russia against “invading Ukraine” and added that the confrontation with the Ukrainian army would cost “a lot of blood.”

In June 2021, Vladimir Putin found similar problems in the United States and Union, and also expressed the opinion that the United States is following the path of the USSR. “What is the problem of empires – they think they are so powerful,” the head of state emphasized.



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