The bride's mother came to the wedding in a white dress and was abused on the net

A woman came to her daughter's wedding in a wedding dress and angered netizens

The bride's mother came to her daughter's wedding in a white dress and was cursed networks. The Sun reporters drew attention to the corresponding publication on the Reddit portal.

An anonymous user posted on the platform a photo in which the bride and groom pose with their next of kin. The hero of the occasion is captured in a free-cut white wedding dress with translucent sleeves. At the same time, her mother came to the party in a dress of the same color with ruffles in the neckline. She complemented her look with a pink fur cape.

“The lady in furs is the mother of the bride. She should have chosen a dress of a different color, ”the author of the publication signed the photo. Platform readers agreed with his opinion and began to express their outrage in the comments below the post. “Awful, ugly, rotten behavior, especially considering that this is her daughter's wedding!” suggests that the attention they are so desperately seeking is dearer to them than any family ties, “they were indignant.

In September, the mother-in-law secretly put on a wedding dress and angered the bride. An anonymous woman told how she asked the groom's mother to buy clothes according to the colors of the ceremony. The woman returned with a suitable outfit, but soon the bride found out that she had secretly acquired another image – a dress that looked like a wedding.



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