SberBank Online has a service for the purchase and sale of precious metals

“Sberbank, buy me gold!” – new voice service in SberBank Online

sell precious metals using virtual assistants of the Salyut family.

To complete a deal, just call one of the Salyut assistants in the SberBank Online mobile application and ask him, for example, to buy 10 grams of gold for you … If you have an account in the desired metal and the card has the necessary funds to purchase it, the virtual assistant will display the operation parameters. All that remains is to say: “I confirm” – and the operation will be completed. Metal can be sold in the same way. The assistant also “knows” at what price it is now possible to buy or sell metal – you just need to ask.

“The new service makes it easy to manage a portfolio of precious metals, spending a minimum of effort on routine purchase and sale operations. We see that voice control is gaining popularity in all spheres of our clients' lives, and we are embedding it in various services, so that our virtual assistants Sberbank, Joy and Athena can do more and more every day. Today, clients keep 180 billion rubles in anonymized metal accounts at SberBank, and this amount continues to grow, so the new option will be in great demand. Investments in precious metals provide an opportunity to protect their savings from inflation and stock market shocks, because over a long horizon, the cost of the most demanded metal – gold – has been steadily growing for decades. It is no coincidence that the state foreign exchange reserves of most countries of the world are formed in this metal, ”said Sergei Shirokov, director of the“ Borrow and Save ”division of Sberbank.



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