Russians were reminded of the minimum age for receiving pensions in full

Ministry of Labor: women can receive pensions at least 55 years old, men – at 60 in full, according to the Prime agency.

The department reported that savings are formed by Russians born in 1976 and those who are younger, and women from 55 years old and men at least in 60.

Also, the Ministry of Labor has listed payments that are available to citizens with pension savings. This is a one-time payment for those who have an estimated funded pension of 5 percent or less in relation to the amount of the insurance pension, taking into account the fixed payment and the amount of the funded pension. In addition, if pensions were formed at the expense of contributions under the state co-financing program or maternity capital funds, then an early pension payment is due monthly for 10 years.

For registration of pension savings, you must contact the Pension Fund of Russia or the Non-State Pension Pension Fund. In the event of the death of a citizen before the establishment of a funded pension, pension savings are paid to the legal successors of the deceased.

Earlier Olga Daineko, an expert at the Financial Literacy Center of the NFI of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, said that a good income in old age is possible if you plan and form savings from 35-40 years. She listed several ways to save up for a decent retirement. We are talking about the purchase of real estate, investments and bank deposits.



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