Russians warned against buying cheap apartments in Sochi

Realtor Flutkov: the real cost of apartments in Sochi starts from 5 million rubles

apartments. At the same time, the prices for objects in the ads start at 3.3 million rubles, local realtor Kirill Flutkov told According to him, in reality, the cost of the cheapest studio apartments in Sochi starts at five million rubles.

The expert warned Russians against buying apartments “on incomprehensible construction sites with promises.” “Any construction in Sochi that is not carried out in accordance with 214-FZ (the law on shared construction – comment of ), if it is not reconstruction or major repairs, carries great risks, – emphasized Flutkov. “In view of the fact that now we are struggling with everything in the world, with illegal construction projects, land grabbing and the like, the risks when buying such lots are extremely high.”

According to the expert, the main trend in the real estate market In the coming years, Sochi will see an increase in the level of civilization – this is what buyers want. “I think that transparent and high-quality proposals are the future of the Sochi housing market,” concluded Flutkov.

Earlier it became known that the Sochi real estate market has a special format of housing – residential garages, which are actually outlawed. The cheapest such object in November 2021 was offered to buyers at a price of 200 thousand rubles, the most expensive cost 20 million rubles.



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