Russians revealed a way to avoid overeating on New Year's holidays

Calandia: Slow chewing and healthy meals will help you avoid overeating during the holidays this without being distracted by gadgets. Such methods were revealed by the gastroenterologist “CM-Clinic” Shota Kalandia, her words are quoted by “Izvestia”.

The doctor noted that fast food intake is the main reason for overeating. “It takes an average of 20 minutes for the human brain to receive a signal from the stomach that you are full. You should not be distracted by electronic devices when eating, as you will eat more than you should, ”Kalandia said.

The gastroenterologist advised replacing the usual dishes with useful counterparts. For example, instead of Olivier, prepare a salad with boiled chicken or baked salmon, and you can replace cakes and pies with strudel.

You should also not sit at the festive table, and after eating you can go for a walk for at least 30 minutes. The doctor also named the safe volume of alcohol for a person – this is about 15 milliliters of one hundred percent alcohol or 25 milliliters of vodka.

If a person has overeat and drank, he can use special sorbents. For example, activated charcoal, the doctor added.

Earlier, nutritionist Margarita Makukh shared a recipe for a version of Olivier salad that is less dangerous for the figure. The doctor advised to replace boiled sausage with beef, since it contains no preservatives and additives, it also has more protein and less fat. The nutritionist also named a way to reduce the amount of sugar and salt: for this, you need to add fresh cucumbers to the salad instead of pickled ones. You can use homemade mayonnaise for dressing.



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