Nutritionist named the most healthy drink for the liver

Dietitian D & # 39; Angelo: Black coffee without sugar can reduce the risk of developing cirrhosis for liver health with a drink. Her words are quoted by Eat This, Not That!

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D'Angelo referred to studies according to which drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing cirrhosis, as well as protect against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The beneficial effect of the drink is explained by the fact that it is able to reduce the accumulation of fat and increase the amount of antioxidants in the liver, which neutralize the activity of harmful free radicals and prevent damage to organ cells. Black coffee can also fight liver scarring.

The nutritionist added that to maintain the beneficial properties of the drink, it must be drunk in a certain way: without the addition of sugar, milk and heavy cream.

It was previously reported that American nutritionist Lisa Moskowitz named the most dangerous mistake associated with breakfast while dieting. According to her, not having breakfast leads to mood swings, hunger and feeling tired, which interfere with losing weight.



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