Liya Akhedzhakova stood up for foreign agents

Actress Liya Akhedzhakova stood up for foreign agents for the Star of Theatergoer award at the Star of the Theater-Goer Award. The artist's words are quoted by

The award ceremony took place at the Vakhtangov Theater on December 6. On it Akhedzhakova received an award in the category “Stage Legend.” Then the Investigative Committee began checking for possible insult to the veterans in the production after a complaint from the “Officers of Russia” organization. Akhedzhakova complained about certain groups of people who, according to her, portray themselves as “veterans” or “offended patriots” and try to “prevent theatrical performances.”

“Some group of insulted patriots comes to the theater, not having watched the play, he demands to eradicate mistakes in it. They threaten that if the director and the artists do not do this, they will bring the person into the auditorium. And this person from the bottle he brought with him will start sprinkling feces all over the audience and the audience. Like champagne. I don't know who they work for, but I can guess, ”said the 83-year-old actress from the stage. She also criticized the law on foreign agents.

On July 29 this year, it became known about the inspection of the play “First Bread” at the Sovremennik Theater. Then the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to study the statement on the subject of insulting the veterans of the Great Patriotic War after the complaints of the public organization “Officers of Russia”.



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