Kharlamov made fun of the dog-dreaming participant “Let's get married!”

Garik Kharlamov laughed at the bride from “Let's Get Married!” participant of the show “Let's get married!” named Pelageya and her friend. The comedian published an excerpt from the program, in which the girls emotionally talk about their dream of having a dog. The comedian added to the video from “Let's Get Married!” a video in which a popular blogger is barely holding back gagging.

“I would like a white spitz. My dream. Little like that. So that I would drive out on my little blue one in a typewriter, and [tell the dog]: “We're going to a restaurant,” “Pelageya said at the show. Her friend said she would like to have a Chihuahua. At the same time, the bride and her friend screamed enthusiastically in the conversation, not hiding their affection from the thought of pets.

A fragment from the program in Kharlamov's video was followed by a video of a YouTube blogger with the nickname Gabar. In the video, a man ate raw meat with disgust, with difficulty restraining gagging.

Many commentators praised the humorist's joke and shared his impressions of Pelagia's words. “I also had a gag reflex,” “Stop my op,” they wrote. Users also criticized the behavior of the bride and her girlfriend. “And there are such clownwomen,” one of the commentators reacted.

Kharlamov repeatedly ridiculed the host Larisa Guzeeva and the heroes of her program. In particular, in early December, he joked about the presenter's ability to click the jaw.

The story of their confrontation began when the comedian posted on Instagram a fragment of the issue in which Guzeeva used the word “pidarasina”. Subsequently, the presenter's statement turned into a meme, and the posts dedicated to “Let's get married!” began to appear on the comedian's page regularly. Guzeeva, in response to this, admitted that Kharlamov “just fucked up” her with jokes about the show.



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