In Belarus, assessed the damage to the European Union from the food embargo

Political scientist Dzermant: Russia and Belarus will damage the West by tens of millions of euros The United States for tens of millions of euros. This effect will be obtained if we evaluate the new Belarusian restrictions together with the existing Russian measures, political scientist Aleksey Dzermant told BELTA.

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“There are Western players on our market who have serious interests here. If this [food embargo imposed by Russia in 2014 – approx. “” ] add our sanctions, Western exporters will feel the cumulative damage that will not even amount to tens of millions of euros, ”Dzermant noted.

The political scientist also added that the new restrictions will have a positive effect on Belarusian producers. Citing the experience of Russia as an example, he is confident that the embargo on food supplies from Western countries will have a positive effect on the quality and range of agricultural products in Belarus.

The embargo on food from countries where “the Belarusian authorities are systematically discredited” will begin operate in Belarus from January 1, 2022. This is how the country responds to the sanctions imposed against it – they hit, in particular, the Belavia aviation company and nitrogen fertilizer producers.

In Russia, restrictions on the import of food products from Europe and the United States have been in effect since 2014 … The government has since launched a big campaign for “import substitution”, including in agriculture. In December 2020, the state National Rating Agency announced the failure of the food import substitution strategy.



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