Greece will begin to fine parents for keeping children from going to school

In Greece, parents will be imprisoned for keeping their children from going to school for keeping children from going to school. This is reported by Neos Kosmos.

According to the newspaper, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education of the country have introduced an amendment to the parliament, according to which parents who do not let their children go to school for any reason will face a prison sentence of up to two years. It is noted that the coronavirus pandemic was also not considered a compelling reason to deter a child from receiving education.

Neos Kosmos notes that Greek citizens are concerned about the increase in the number of cases of COVID-19. At the moment, more than 18 thousand deaths from complications of the disease have been recorded in the country, mainly among the elderly.

On December 3, it was reported that a fully vaccinated Greek citizen who arrived from South Africa was diagnosed with an omicron strain of coronavirus. A 60-year-old businessman who arrived from Africa to Crete through one of the European countries is now in quarantine, his illness is mild.



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