Bangladesh sentenced 20 students to death for political murder

Deccan Herald: Bangladesh Executes 20 People for Murder of a Student Who Criticized the Government a man who criticized the country's government on social media. This is reported by the Deccan Herald.

According to the newspaper, the mutilated body of 21-year-old Abrar Fahad was found in a hostel. A few hours earlier, he posted a post on Facebook criticizing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina over an earlier agreement with India.

According to the investigation, the young man was beaten with a cricket bat for six hours. 25 of the victim's fellow students were found guilty in this case, five of them received life sentences. Fahad's father said he was satisfied with the court's decision. He hoped that the sentences would soon be executed.

On September 10, it became known that a military tribunal in Cameroon had sentenced to death four people who were found guilty of killing seven schoolchildren in the city of Kumba. In October 2020, criminals broke into a private educational institution on three motorcycles and opened fire. The perpetrators were accused of murder, terrorism and illegal possession of weapons.



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