Australia joins diplomatic boycott of China Olympics

Australia, following the United States, announced a diplomatic boycott of the Olympic Games in Beijing

Australia joined the diplomatic boycott of the Olympic Games in China. This was announced by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

According to him, representatives of the Australian leadership will not go to Beijing. However, Morrison noted that Australian athletes will be present at international competitions.

Earlier, the White House said that the US leadership will not go to the Olympics, which will be held in Beijing from February 4 to 20, 2022. American athletes were allowed to make their own decisions about participation in the Games.

After the International Olympic Committee (IOC) commented on the US statement on the refusal of the American leadership to attend the Olympics. Representatives of the organization clarified that they respect Washington's decision. The IOC explained that the presence or absence of government officials and diplomats at the Games is a private matter for each country. In the matter of the diplomatic boycott of the Olympics, the IOC decided to maintain political neutrality.



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