Analysts of “MegaFon” announced the entry of TikTok into the top three popular social networks

Research by MegaFon: TikTok entered the top three most popular social networks in Russia

TikTok entered the top three most popular social networks in Russia “Odnoklassniki” and taking the third place in the rating, which was prepared by analysts of “MegaFon”. The first place went to Instagram, the second – to VKontakte. MegaFon experts analyzed the mobile Internet traffic of users of social networks in 2021.

According to a study by MegaFon, the total volume of mobile Internet traffic doubled over the year in social networks. Instagram accounts for 35.5 percent of consumed traffic, followed by VKontakte and TikTok, with a share of 28 and 24 percent, respectively.

The highest growth was shown by TikTok – in 2021, mobile Internet traffic on platform has more than doubled. MegaFon analysts attribute the increased interest in TikTok to a general trend towards the growing popularity of short videos. The metrics on Instagram confirm the experts' estimates. After the launch of the Reels short video section, traffic on the social network grew by 53 percent.

According to MegaFon experts, on average, one Russian Instagram user spends 197 megabytes of Internet traffic per day, while for VKontakte this figure is 107 megabytes, for TikTok 225 megabytes.

VKontakte has the most active audience – 73 percent of social network users visit it every day. Instagram is in second place with an average daily audience of 60 percent, TikTok – 35 percent.



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