17 schoolchildren run over by truck in Nigeria

Vanguard: Truck Driver Runs Over 17 Schoolchildren While Hiding From Police In Lagos Nigeria. This is reported by the local edition of Vanguard.

According to the newspaper, the tragedy occurred at a school bus stop when the children were returning from school. The man behind the wheel of the truck tried to escape from the police pursuit and lost control. In addition to the 17 deaths, many children were seriously injured.

Vanguard writes that after the incident the driver escaped, but was subsequently detained by law enforcement officers. Furious eyewitnesses of the incident tried to take revenge on the perpetrator of the accident and burned his truck.

On December 1, it was reported that at least 29 people were shipwrecked in the state of Kano in northern Nigeria. Most of the victims are schoolchildren aged 6 to 12 years. The children were students in Islamic schools and were on their way to a religious event. Several survivors were taken to hospitals.



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