Wasserman offered to train Russians in self-defense after shooting at the MFC

Wasserman after the shooting at the MFC: it is necessary to train citizens in self-defense and allow all weapons Moscow MFC, which killed two people. In an interview with NEWS.ru, he offered to train Russians in self-defense, and also called for facilitating the use of weapons for guards and creating a structure in the country like the US National Rifle Association.

Wasserman said that in Russia it is necessary to simplify the mechanism for the use of weapons by security guards. however, according to the publicist, this is only a small part of the tasks that need to be solved. “In general, weapons should be allowed to everyone, if only because this case proves that whoever wants to kill will find a way, at least the weapon will do it himself, like this killer,” the TV presenter said.

He also proposed to pay attention to the development of civil self-defense. According to Wasserman, a structure should be created in Russia that will undertake the obligation to train citizens in everything necessary for self-defense.

At the same time, the deputy noted that the existing Russian law on self-defense is “quite reasonable, but law enforcement practice still proceeds from the principle “If there is a corpse, there must be a prisoner.” That is why, as the publicist emphasized, the already established law enforcement practice must be brought into line with the law.

The shooting in the building of the Ryazansky MFC on 1st Novokuzminskaya Street in Moscow took place on December 7. As a result of the incident, an employee of the center and a visitor were killed, several more people, including a ten-year-old girl, were injured and were taken to the hospital. The 45-year-old man who opened fire was detained by an employee of the migration department.

A criminal case was initiated under article 105 (“Murder of two or more persons”) and 222 (“Illegal circulation of weapons”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.



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