Uzbek MPs argue over legalization of nasvay

The Uzbek parliament considered the issue of legalizing nasvay The broadcast of the parliamentary session was conducted by Uzreport.TV channel.

Uzbek deputies argued whether it is necessary to regulate the production and sale of the substance.

“Naswai is widely used now. It must either be banned or its production must be regulated. Otherwise it won't stop. The fact that we close our eyes to this will not change life, “said parliamentarian Maksuda Vorisova.

Uktam Islamov disagrees with her. In his opinion, adding nasvay to the list of tobacco products will lead to mass conveyor production of the “harmful substance”. On the other hand, Kizilgul Kosimova of the Health Protection Committee believes that legalization will hold back producers as they will have to certify their products and pay taxes.

Nasvay is a mixture of ash, tobacco and lime. Among the countries of Central Asia, Uzbekistan has the highest consumption rate – 12 percent of the population (more than 20 percent of adult men). Naswai is prohibited in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia.