Unidentified persons secretly resold apartments of Russians in Crimea

Fraudsters evicted families of beneficiaries in Sevastopol from long-awaited apartments Unknown people, secretly from the Russians, resold their property and actually left the beneficiaries homeless, writes Podyem.

Sevastopol residents received apartments from the municipal authorities in 2014, some at that time stood in line for real estate for 10 years. Before the house was put into operation, residents were given temporary housing documents, they carried out repairs and changed windows at their own expense.

Initially, five families received apartments from the city, now only two of them live in the building – the widow of the deceased at the performance of a firefighter and a pensioner with a disabled child. According to one victim, her apartment was secretly bought out in 2019 by the director of a real estate company located in the same building as the developer of the house. The apartment of another family was also acquired by real estate agents.

Now the scammers are demanding that the beneficiaries vacate the apartments, but they do not want to give the furnished housing to the scammers. The victims plan to file a counterclaim to the court against the company “Interstroy”, which was engaged in the construction of the house. The head of this company used to be the notorious Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Yevgeny Kabanov – now he is under investigation in a fraud case.

In November, secretly from the tenants, they decided to sell an apartment building in St. Petersburg. The townspeople learned about the planned deal from a randomly seen ad on a popular property search site. In the text of the publication, the realtor suggested that the future owner of the building transform it into a car wash, SPA center, hotel or cafe. However, lawyers considered her actions illegal.



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