The Russian began to knit sweaters, became famous and began to collaborate with the stars

20-year-old Chelyabinsk citizen began to knit sweaters and entered into cooperation with world brands

Sergey Semenov from Chelyabinsk launched a line of production. The young man knits and produces clothes under the brand name “Alcohol.ONE”. Thanks to this activity, he became famous on the network, and world brands and stars entered into cooperation with him. The portal told the story of the young fashion designer.

Two years ago, the young man came up with a brand concept: colorful, bright oversized pullovers with inscriptions in Russian for girls and boys. The first fame came to Semyonov after one of his videos was distributed on TikTok and gained several million views. In an interview with the portal, he admitted that he started knitting from lessons on YouTube, because he wanted a jacket, which is not in the mass market.

Now the designer's collection has grown. He makes not only sweaters, but also bags, hats, trousers, shawls and ponchos. The line of orders from Semyonov, as a rule, is scheduled several months in advance. Recently, he even knitted a sweater for the singer Klava Koki, then the order was made by the performer Suzanne, and then the world-famous sports brand Puma came out to cooperate with the Chelyabinsk resident.

The fashion designer has no higher education: he left the South Ural University (YurSU) after the first year, despite the fact that he studied well. This allowed the young man to completely go into his own business. Now his grandmother is involved in his work: she takes part of the orders for herself, thus receiving an increase in her pension.

According to Semenov, his mother and sister also help him with the brand. “This is a great help for me, because I am not going to switch to machine knitting – this is a fundamental moment. My sweaters should be made by hand, ”the designer explained.



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