The identity of the first victim after the shooting at the MFC in Moscow is revealed

“MK”: Sergei Glazov, who started the shooting at the MFC in Moscow, was the first to injure the guard in the arm

The first victims of the actions of Sergei Glazov, who shooting in one of the Moscow MFCs, was a security officer. The identity of the first victim was revealed by the Telegram channel of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

As it became known, Glazov wounded security guard Yevgeny Kondratyev on the ground floor near the ATM in the hand. The wounded Kondratyev ran to the second floor shouting “Hide in the offices!” Earlier it was reported about two people killed as a result of the attack by a man in the building of the MFC. In addition, three more people were injured, including one child of 10 years old.

The shooting, according to the source of the Telegram channel “112”, was opened by 45-year-old Sergei Glazov. This was preceded by a conflict over a face shield after a security guard asked to put it on.