The doctor revealed the danger of rapid weight loss

Associate Professor Kudina called a sharp weight loss a serious symptom and a reason for going to the doctor

N.I. Pirogova Ekaterina Kudina told about the danger of rapid weight loss. This phenomenon can be a serious symptom, she stressed in an interview with the agency “Prime”.

The doctor revealed the danger of drastic weight loss, when it is not associated with a radical change in diet or increased physical activity. In such a situation, the specialist called weight loss a symptom of the disease and a reason for seeking medical help.

“Even if a person dreamed of losing weight, having excess body weight, its inadvertent decrease should not cause undue optimism,” Kudina emphasized.

The specialist said that many diseases can cause rapid weight loss. Among them are endocrine pathology, increased thyroid function, diabetes mellitus, infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, as well as autoimmune and oncological diseases.

A person can lose weight for natural reasons, but this can only be confirmed after complete examination of the body. Losing weight can also appear against a background of nervous stress, which also serves as a reason for a visit to the doctor. Against this background, various diseases may arise or worsen, Kudina warned.

Previously, cold hands were called a sign of serious illness. Phlebologist and vascular surgeon Kyaram Azatyan stated that they serve as characteristics of atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus.