The doctor named the cost of the alleged plastic surgery of Sofia Rotaru

Surgeon Maksimilyan Abozin: the price of the procedures varies from 900 thousand to two million rubles in his opinion, it was presumably done by the Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru. The interview with him is published by the portal

The doctor believes that the elastic skin and absence of wrinkles on the face of the 74-year-old artist are the result of surgical and cosmetological intervention. According to him, the total cost of such procedures varies from 900 thousand to two million rubles, depending on the qualifications of the specialist.

‚ÄúSMAS – from 180 to 400 thousand rubles. Circular eyelids – from 70 to 200 thousand rubles, lifting of the upper third of the face – from 120 to 300 thousand rubles. There are individuals whose value is even higher, “Abozin said in an interview with reporters.

Rotaru herself denies any changes in appearance through plastic. The celebrity claims that the secret of her beauty is in a healthy lifestyle.

In April, Sofia Rotaru was hospitalized in the neurological department of the Yudin hospital in Moscow. The exact reasons for the hospitalization were not disclosed. According to a KP.RU source, actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya was in the same hospital at the same time with suspected stroke. Rotaru was in the VIP building, where no one was allowed except doctors and nurses.



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