Talks between Putin and Biden via teleconference ended

The conversation between the heads of state began at about & nbsp; 18:08 Moscow time. As previously reported, at the & nbsp; meeting it was planned to discuss the situation around & nbsp; Ukraine and & nbsp; the topic of NATO's advance to the & nbsp; east, strategic stability, bilateral issues, and & nbsp; also topics of regional security, in & nbsp; including the situation in & nbsp; Afghanistan.

At the & nbsp; beginning of the teleconference, Putin and & nbsp; Biden exchanged greetings, while & nbsp; this the US President expressed his hope for a & nbsp; face-to-face meeting with the & nbsp; Russian leader in the & nbsp; future. Further negotiations took place behind closed doors.

The teleconference was organized with & nbsp; using a secure video link designed for & nbsp; communication between the leaders of the two countries, it was used for the first time. Putin contacted & nbsp; the US President from the & nbsp; Sochi residence Bocharov Ruchei.

As reported by Bloomberg, Biden, after negotiations with the & nbsp; Russian leader, intends to discuss their results with & nbsp; European allies.

< p> The conversation of the heads of state was the fifth since & nbsp; the moment Biden entered the & nbsp; post of the American president. Earlier, the leaders talked three times by & nbsp; phone, and & nbsp; in mid-June, they held a face-to-face meeting in & nbsp; Geneva. Then the conversation between Putin and & nbsp; Biden with & nbsp; eye to eye went for almost two hours & nbsp; and, according to & nbsp; the assessment of both parties, was constructive. The Geneva summit of & nbsp; RF and & nbsp; USA became the first since & nbsp; 2018.