South Africa told about the study of a new strain of coronavirus

MFA spokesman Moniela: South Africa cooperates with the BRICS countries in the study of the omicron strain Moniela said that the country's scientists are conducting joint research on the new omicron strain of coronavirus with their colleagues from the BRICS countries, Izvestia writes.

scientists conduct joint research, exchange information and experience, including genomic sequencing of the omicron. Scientists share their observations with colleagues from other BRICS countries – Russia, India, China, Brazil, “Moniela emphasized.

Moniela added that in South Africa, not a single omicron-infected COVID-19 strain required an artificial ventilation of the lungs (IVL) or emergency hospitalization. According to scientists and the Ministry of Health of the republic, this version of the coronavirus is not accompanied by serious symptoms.

The representative of the South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs also commented on the request for a sample of the omicron-strain of coronavirus, which came from Russia to the republic.

“I I'm not sure that the samples have already been sent, but given the high level of cooperation between the BRICS countries, I am sure that this request will be fulfilled as soon as possible, “the diplomat said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the leader South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa to join forces in the fight against the pandemic. They also discussed preparations for the Russia-Africa summit.



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