Scientist predicted the rate of spread of the omicron strain in Russia

Skoltech Professor Bazykin allowed an explosive spread of the omicron strain in Russia

Skoltech Professor Georgy Bazykin predicted the spread of the omicron strain in Russia. He recalled that this variant of COVID-19 has the property of moving exponentially, RIA Novosti reports.

The scientist emphasized that in South Africa about two months have passed since the first appearance of the omicron to the identified cases of infection. According to him, the number of variants that are sequenced is comparable to what is happening in Africa.

Bazykin noted that this is why the omicron strain may not be noticed in Russia for some time, although it will begin to spread. He also allowed an explosive increase in the incidence of this type of COVID-19.

“If the frequency of a variant grows exponentially, then at the very beginning it seems to you that everything is in order. This is a property of an exponential process. You still have few cases, everyone relaxes, and after that, uncontrollable growth begins. This is a scenario that worries me very much, and it can happen in many weeks, or it can happen quite quickly, “the specialist explained.

The professor added that Russia's advantage over South Africa lies in the fact that scientists are already they know which variant of the virus they have to look for.

Earlier, Bazykin assessed the ability of the delta strain to stop the spread of the omicron. He expressed doubts about such a scenario, since the omicron is found where the delta used to prevail.