Russian mercenaries helped the military of the Central African Republic to recapture the city from the militants

Mercenaries from the Wagner PMC helped the CAR military to recapture the city of Kuango from the militants Central African Republic (CAR) FACA recapture the southern city of Quango, which was attacked by the Patriots for Change Coalition (CPC) militants. This was reported by the Special Purpose Channel Telegram channel.

According to it, the militants attacked Quango, which is located in Huaca prefecture near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, on December 2. Presumably, they intended to engage in the plundering of the settlement in the future, but Russian mercenaries interfered with the implementation of their plans.

It is noted that after the fighters of the Wagner PMC in the course of their planned joint operation with FACA approached the city, representatives of the SRS were forced to retreat. Sweep operations are ongoing in the vicinity of Kuango. In addition, the mercenaries are looking for accomplices of the militants.

Losses from the SRS, FACA and Wagner PMCs have not been reported.

In early October, at least three dozen people became victims of an armed attack by militants near the city Bambari in the same prefecture. After that, the mayor of the city called for an increase in the number of FACA soldiers in the area to protect civilians.

The insurgency in the CAR intensified ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections held on December 27, 2020. In the same month, against the backdrop of heavy fighting between government forces and the rebels, Russia sent 300 military instructors to the country at the request of the CAR authorities. In March 2021, it became known that, with the support of military instructors from Russia, FACA was able to recapture about 30 cities from the militants.