Russian infectious disease specialist explained the need to recognize foreign vaccines

Vikulov: the situation with vaccination will change if foreign drugs appear in Russia

Foreign vaccines against COVID-19 should appear in Russia as soon as possible rather, it is necessary to give citizens a choice. This opinion was expressed by the infectious disease doctor Georgy Vikulov, his words are quoted by “Moscow Says”.

Vikulov stressed that he knows a large number of people who are ready “even tomorrow to go and get vaccinated” will be carried out with a foreign drug.

“The situation will radically change in a positive direction, if the submitted applications of foreign manufacturers for the registration of foreign vaccines are approved as soon as possible,” Vikulov explained the need to recognize foreign vaccines.

He also appreciated a survey conducted by the Doctor's Handbook application, according to which the draft laws on QR codes are supported by 24.6 percent of doctors, and another 17 percent are in favor of tightening them. The expert noted that instead of introducing compulsory vaccination, it is necessary to conduct more explanatory conversations with anti-vaccines in order to convince them of the benefits of existing drugs against COVID-19.

Draft amendments on the use of QR codes in public places were submitted to the State Duma in November … The initiative does not regulate the operation of public transport, pharmacies, grocery stores and retail outlets with essential goods. From February 1, it is proposed to issue a digital document only to those vaccinated, ill and those who have a medical record.



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