Residents of the Russian region ridiculed the tree in the form of a penis

A phallic Christmas tree was installed in the Yakut village of Vitim A photo of a phallic tree was posted on her Facebook account by one of the residents of the Russian region.

The image shows that the branches at the base of the spruce are long and lush, and from the middle the volume has sharply decreased and did not change to the top. Social network users ridiculed the unusual holiday tree in the comments under the publication.

“What year – such is the tree”, “A star at the end. It is symbolic. The coming year will not bring anything good, ”the residents of the region commented. Some called the set erotic, while others considered its installation unfinished.

The Vitim administration explained to the Podyom publication that by the end of the week the structure will take on a familiar look – its construction has not yet been completed. Soon more branches will be added to the tree, garlands and Christmas tree decorations will be hung on it.

There is a phallic object in Novosibirsk as well – in this city, for several years in the winter, a skating rink has been installed, the outlines of which resemble a penis from a height. According to local authorities, residents do not complain about the unusual ice rink.