Rare “Volga” will be sold in Russia for a million rubles

A 1969 black Volga released in Moscow for a million rubles was put up for sale

A rare Volga ( GAZ-22) for almost a million rubles (999,999 rubles). The corresponding announcement appeared on the Avito platform.

This is a unique five-door retro car in black, which is being sold in Moscow. According to the description, the 1969 Volga is equipped with a 75 horsepower gasoline engine capable of a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The machine is equipped with a manual transmission. According to the author of the ad, the vehicle's mileage is 45 thousand kilometers, it has three registered owners according to the TCP.

It is known that five- and seven-seater station wagons with a transformable interior were produced at the GAZ plant in Gorky from 1962 to 1970 year. The main advantages of the model were a spacious trunk and a high carrying capacity (400 kilograms). This car was used in Soviet times as a taxi, ambulance transport and for transporting passengers with oversized cargo. For its long roof and characteristic elongated body shape, taxi workers nicknamed the model a “barn.” Based on the photos, the vehicle is in good condition. The run of the rare sedan is almost 124 thousand kilometers, the car is equipped with a manual transmission. The bright red interior of the car is also well preserved.



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