Putin appreciated the comparison of the omicron strain with a live vaccine

Russian President Putin: it's too early to call the omicron strain of COVID-19 a live vaccine

Some experts compare the omicron strain of coronavirus with a live vaccine, however, it is too early to draw conclusions. Such an assessment was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes Interfax.

At the same time, the Russian leader added that the situation in the markets, which fell due to fears of a new type of coronavirus, began to level out.

Earlier, the virologist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pyotr Chumakov suggested that the omicron strain of coronavirus could become a live vaccine, since it has reduced pathogenicity.

On Monday, December 6, the first cases of infection with the omicron strain were confirmed … He was found with two Russians who flew from South Africa. In addition, strains of coronavirus in another 10 tourists, whose PCR tests were positive, are still being determined.