Nutritionist shared a recipe for Olivier, less dangerous for the figure

Nutritionist Makukha called a way to reduce the harm of Olivier salad for the figure from Olivier for the New Year, and shared a recipe for a version of salad that is less dangerous for the figure. The nutritionist's words are given in the press release at the disposal of

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The nutritionist also named a way to reduce the amount of sugar and salt: for this, you need to add fresh cucumbers to the salad instead of salted ones. She recommends making homemade, more natural and healthy mayonnaise and seasoning it with Olivier. The salad, prepared according to a healthier recipe, has half the calories, the nutritionist noted.

It was previously reported that nutritionist Jennifer Bruning named a way to celebrate the New Year and spend the winter holidays without harming the figure. In her opinion, the main reason for the weight gain during the New Year holidays lies in the large amount of alcohol consumed.