Nutritionist named the most dangerous mistake when losing weight

Nutritionist Moskowitz: you can not refuse breakfast when dieting, it interferes with losing weight during a diet. Writes about this edition Eat This, Not That!

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Often people who want to lose weight refuse breakfast in order to reduce the amount of calories consumed as much as possible. This, according to the expert, cannot be done. Lack of breakfast leads to mood swings, hunger, and fatigue that interfere with weight loss.

“What you eat or don't eat for breakfast can either benefit or harm your energy reserves for the rest of the day. concentration, digestion, mood, hunger and metabolic function, ”explains Moskowitz.

The nutritionist recommends not only skipping breakfast, but ensuring that it contains a balanced amount of protein, fiber and fat. If there is no time for cooking in the morning, Moskowitz suggests doing smoothies, yogurt, fried bread with almond butter or a protein bar.

Earlier it was reported that American nutritionist Laura Burak called a way to make oatmeal for breakfast more nutritious and healthy for the figure … When combined with protein, oatmeal is a complete meal that helps stabilize blood sugar levels and prolong satiety, she said.