Moskalkova advocated restrictions on anti-vaccination

Ombudsman Moskalkova: anti-vaccination campaigners must accept a number of restrictions She stated this on the air of the NTV channel.

“To be vaccinated or not to be vaccinated is a human right, everyone has the right to dispose of his health and his life, but we cannot but take into account the interests of the nation as a whole, the interests of most people, therefore, if a person is not vaccinated, he must accept the conditions of certain restrictions, “she said.

The Ombudsman believes that it is impossible to force people to vaccinate, but most of society, according to her, considers it necessary to guarantee protection against increased risks associated with possible infection.

She also urged people who refuse vaccination to respect the position of those who were vaccinated “not only for their own sake, but also in order to protect more people from the possibility of contracting this terrible disease. ”

Earlier, Moskalkova opposed the too frequent use of detention as a preventive measure. She announced that she was going to contact the prosecutor's office with this issue, and also noted that detention in a pre-trial detention center should be used only in the most extreme cases.

On December 6, the State Duma declared the senselessness of introducing new restrictions due to the spread of coronavirus .