Monica Bellucci starred for the magazine in a tight outfit with a neckline

Monica Bellucci was photographed for The Sunday Times Style in a tight dress with a neckline

Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci starred for the fashion magazine The Sunday Times Style in a form-fitting outfit and thrilled fans. The corresponding photos appeared on her Instagram page.

The 57-year-old celebrity posed in several looks. So, in the first frame, she is captured with hair gathered in a bun in a beige knitted midi-length dress with a neckline and a black bra. In another photo, Bellucci was photographed in a black tight dress. The publication received more than 650 thousand likes.

Fans appreciated the appearance of the actress and began to write compliments to her in the comments. “How can you be so gorgeous”, “Magical beauty”, “Stunning as always”, “You are the most beautiful woman on the planet”, “How is this possible? More beautiful than ever, “they said.

In July 2020, the face of an aged Monica Bellucci horrified Russians. The paparazzi captured the star on the streets of Paris in a black maxi-length dress with hair pulled back into a bun. Russian-speaking netizens felt that she had too many wrinkles and irregularities. “At 55, look at 70. Well, that's it,” wrote one of them.



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