Migrants supported the ban on renting housing in Russia “exclusively to Slavs”

The Russian labor union of migrants supported the ban on discrimination against tenants containing a mention of nationality. The chairman of the trade union of migrant workers, Renat Karimov, said this in an interview with the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“We, of course, are in favor, we believe that it is a bad practice when they give preference to one nationality in the delivery of housing over another. We support, we approve, ”Karimov stressed.

Earlier, CIAN decided to prohibit renting and selling housing“ exclusively to the Slavs ”. From February 1, 2022, grounds for discrimination or incitement to discrimination cannot be included in the texts of announcements. As a rule, we are talking about the mention of race and ethnicity, including skin color, citizenship and religion, explained in CIAN. Before the ban came into force, the portal left users the opportunity to edit ads themselves – later the system will automatically correct incorrect texts.